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Campus Life

Orientation Leaders

2013 Oritentation Leaders

We can't wait to meet you.

Your orientation leaders will be some of the first current Otterbein students you will meet on campus. They’ve got all the inside information you want and need to know. They are here for you, so get to know them. They are excited to meet you!

Orientation Leaders are distinguished upper-class students who volunteer their time to prepare for and to welcome new students to campus. Individually, they represent a variety of academic majors, hometowns, extracurricular interests and cultures.

When you arrive on campus for orientation, you will join an orientation group that will consist of 15-20 students and two enthusiastic orientation leaders. Recalling their own experiences of what it was like to be a new student, your orientation leaders have chosen programs that will help you succeed both academically and personally, and they will enable you to meet other new students.

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2012 Orientation Coordinators

Kelsey Gorman Haley Young

Kelsey Gorman, Senior             Haley Young, Junior

2012 Orientation Leaders

  • Sammi Birri

  • Paul Dahman

  • Hope Davies

  • Joel Donahue

  • Melissa Fink

  • Drew Garlitz

  • Benjamin Graber

  • Gina Heitkamp

  • Kahla Johnson

  • Audra Kohler

  • Megan Lynch

  • Brice Mitchell

  • Cody Parsons

  • Britney Peck

  • Chris Perin

  • Daniel Pfeffer

  • Matthew Quinn

  • Paige Schortgen

  • Michael Spatafore

  • Becky Stanforth

  • Molly Sullivan

  • Andrew Szczerba

  • Clark Tieman

  • Jasmine Troyer

  • Meredith Ulmer

  • Denton Warburton

  • Kelsey Gorman

  • Haley Young

/ Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement is located in the lobby of the Campus Center

Office Hours

M-Th: 8:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

F-Sa: 8:30 a.m.-Midnight

Su: 9:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.


p / 614.823.3202

e / orientation@otterbein.edu