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The Women's Gender & Sexuality Resource Center

Photo of a the entrance to the resource center

The Women's and Gender Resource Center at Otterbein LogoConnection. Compassion. Confidentiality. 

  • Provide safe, confidential access to trained Peer Advocates to serve students in need, including survivors of sexual violence and individuals with questions about any facet of gender or sexuality.
  • Staff a 24-hour helpline – 614.823.1028 – and a AnyQ chat-line for survivors and students with pressing issues or questions.
  • Educate the campus community about consent, sexual violence, sexual wellness, and gender and sexual diversity through related initiatives like SafeZone, Team Consent, Ask Eva, etc.
  • Collaborate with campus and community as well as vital student organizations to enact the university’s commitment to inclusion, progressiveness, equality, transparency, and social justice.
  • Otterbein’s Gender, Sexuality, and Wellness Network LogoFacilitate communication and calendaring for Otterbein’s Gender, Sexuality, and Wellness Network.
  • Offer a welcoming, inclusive meeting space for affiliated groups, organizations, and support circles.

Peer Advocates

  • Trained to serve as confidential resources – and first responders – to students experiencing depression, anxiety, panic, disordered eating, self-harm, suicidal thinking, relationship difficulties, sexual and gender identity questioning, intimate partner violence, sexual assault and harassment, gender and sexual discrimination, and substance abuse.
  • Available through confidential drop-in hours at the Center and the 24-hour helpline.
  • Equipped to refer and connect students to campus and community partners that offer more comprehensive and sustained support: Student Wellness, Counseling, the Office of Diversity, OPD, Bravo, Sarnco, etc.
  • If you would like to be a Peer Advocate, contact Suzanne Ashworth.

24-Hour Helpline and AnyQ Chat-line

  • Our phone-line offers immediate, safe, confidential, round-the-clock support to students in distress:  614.823.1028. Staffed by trained Peer Advocates.
  • Students can also share questions and concerns through our AnyQ chatline, staffed by Suzanne Ashworth. Chat posts will be answered in 24-48 hours.

Support Circles

  • Topical, peer-facilitated conversations that offer help and healing for survivors, students struggling with suicidal thinking, and other issues. For information about current circles, contact Suzzane Ashworth.

Educational initiatives

  • SafeZone LogoSafeZone: Otterbein’s gender and sexual diversity education program. Engages different campus audiences in conversations about lgbtqia+ identities, vocabulary, and issues.
  • Team Consent LogoTeam Consent: Otterbein’s anti-sexual violence education program. Engages different campus audiences in conversations about consent, sexual communication, coercion, sex and intoxication, hookup culture, sexual violence and race/class/ability/gender, and more.
  • Ask Eva: A sexual wellness blog and chat resource staffed by Eva Fried, sexual health expert and Doctor of Nursing Practice.
  • If you would like to be a SafeZone or Team Consent facilitator, contact Suzanne Ashworth.

Affiliated Student Organizations

  • Kate: Otterbein’s feminist and queer zine.
  • FreeZone: offers community, connection, events, and advocacy for lgbtqia+ students and their allies.
  • Tri Iota: Otterbein’s Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies Honorary organization. Serves and promotes feminist and queer initiatives.
  • Urge: educates and advocates for reproductive justice and sexual wellness.
  • If you would like to be listed as an affiliated student organization contact Suzanne Ashworth.

Campus Partners

  • Chaplain’s Office. Judy Guion-Utsler, Chaplain.
  • Center for Community Engagemen. Melissa Gilbert, Director.
  • Office of Diversity. James Prysock, Director.
  • Otterbein Police Department. Larry Banaszak, Chief.
  • Residence Life. Tracy Benner, Director.
  • Sexual Violence Task Force. Judy Guion-Utsler, Chair.
  • Student Wellness. Julie Saker, Director.
  • Title IX Coordinator. Scott Fitzgerald, Title IX Officer.

Meeting Space

  • To reserve Room 159 for your meeting or organization, contact Suzanne Ashworth.

/Women's, Gender and Sexuality Resource Center

25 W Home
Office: Room 160
Meeting Space: Room 159

Sun. - Wed.: 5pm-10pm
Thurs. - Sat.: 9pm-2am

p/ 614.823.1028

Faculty Coordinator
Suzanne Ashworth

Founder and WGSS Director
Tammy Birk
e/ tbirk@otterbein.edu

Student Coordinators
Carrie Coisman
e/ carrie.coisman@otterbein.edu

Lily Mann
e/ sandra.mann@otterbein.edu

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