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Campus Life

Grants and Sponsorships

The Center for Community Engagement is supported by the sponsorships and grants. Our events, activities and programs would not be possible without our generous supporters.


2009-2010 Academic Year
Corporation for National and Community Service ($427,000) 
Project Title: Great Cities, Great Service
Melissa Gilbert, Center for Community Engagement
Expand service learning to new institutions and K-12 schools in Ohio through the formation of a consortium to: 1) replicate youthLEAD, 2) replicate a core partnership model and 3) infuse innovative strategies for building service structures. While the consortium will be in its formation stage, GCGS will expand to at least ten new higher education institutions that will partner with urban schools throughout the nine urban centers in Ohio (i.e., Columbus, Cincinnati, Springfield, Cleveland, Toledo, Youngstown, Dayton, Canton, and Akron). Year one programming will focus on Cincinnati and Columbus programs and the development of a subgrantee process. Years two and three will focus on dissemination, replication, and expansion across Ohio.

The Learn and Serve America Great Cities Great Service grant, led by Otterbein University, Ohio Campus Compact, and University of Cincinnati, grew a state-wide community of practice to mobilize college students and urban youth volunteers in civic service through our model initiative, youthLEAD (Learn, Engage, Act & Decide). We trained participants in the cultural competencies necessary to serve side-by-side with urban youth as capacity builders, solving community problems, serving those living in poverty, and strengthening urban wellness. At the end of each school year, faculty members reviewed and summarized their achievements promoting urban youth. They completed Faculty Narratives to identify and describe their accomplishments.

AAC&U ($100,000)
Project Title: Ventures in Praxis: Otterbein 5 Cardinal Experiences
Melissa Gilbert, Center for Community Engagement, and Amy Jessen-Marshall, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of College Programs

Ohio Campus Compact (Learn & Serve) ($20,500)
Project Title: Cardinal Philanthropy Colloquium
Melissa Gilbert, John Kengla, Shirine Mafi, and Diane Nance
This initiative promotes youth philanthropy by funding four courses that allow students to choose which non-profit organizations receive funding based on their service to the community. Get more information about the Cardinal Philanthropy Colloquium here. (link to new URL of this content)

Columbus City Schools ($8,000)
Project Title: Ubuntu Mentoring Program
John Kengla
Through the Ubuntu mentoring program, Otterbein students attend classes with students from Linden McKinley High School to learn about mentoring skills and practices. These students then mentor Medina Middle School students who participate in University Club. Get more information about Ubuntu here. (link to CardinalCorps programs?)

The Columbus Foundation/Scotts ($3,480)
Project Title: Otterbein Community Garden
Bruce Mandeville, Center for Equine Studies

TG Benefits ($90,444)
Project Title: Ubuntu Mentoring Program
John Kengla

OFIC ($15,548)
Project Title: Ubuntu Mentoring Program
John Kengla

Domino's Pizza ($1,900)
Project Title: Community Plunge
Caitlin Tully

Ohio Campus Compact ($400)
Project Title: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
Caitlin Tully

Dorot Foundation ($500)
Project Title: Grandma's House
Melissa Gilbert

Agri-Mark/Cabot Creamery ($100)
Project Title: Avalon Family Health Night
Melissa Gilbert

Youth Service America ($500)
Project Title: Avalon Family Health Night
Melissa Gilbert

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