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Hazing Awareness

Hazing is not a tradition—it is an act of demonstrating power over someone else. Hazing is not a rite of passage—it is a dangerous barrier to the education our university has to offer. Hazing is not a ritual—it is violation of the values that define our community. Even something that appears as innocent as not letting new members walk on the grass is hazing, because it tells our students they are not as worthy as the people who can. Hazing is not leading or teaching.

If your group is planning an activity for its new members, the group should ask these questions:

  1. Is this activity an educational experience? 
  2. Does this activity promote the ideals and values of the organization and Otterbein? 
  3. Will this activity increase the new members' respect for the organization/team, the current members and Otterbein?
  4. Is it an activity that new and current members participate in together?
  5. Would you be willing to allow parents to witness this activity? Your coach/advisor? The University President? A police officer?
  6. Does the activity meet both the spirit and letter of the standards prohibiting hazing?
  7. Does the activity violate the Ohio Revised Code and/or the Otterbein Student Code of Conduct?
Hazing does not have a place in our community. When hazing becomes part of the culture, it is dangerous because it is carried from generation to generation with little thought to the meaning behind the act or the mental or physical harm it can create. Many traditions, rites of passage, and rituals exist without hazing. This website provides you with the tools to foster unity, create a sense of membership, and teach the value of service to the community and mutual respect without hazing.

Resources and Statistics

Get more information and see stats about hazing.

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Myths and Truths

Get the true and false about hazing.

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The Greek Life office is located in the Center for Student Involvement inside the Campus Center.

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