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Religious and Spiritual Life

Part of being in college is learning to reflect about your own answers to life’s biggest questions and to make meaning from your experiences. There are lots of opportunities to explore, reflect and share your questions at Otterbein. Check out Chapel Services, Religious and Spiritual student organizations, and local churches, synagogues and mosques. If you are particularly interested in helping develop a healthy spiritual culture at Otterbein, apply to serve as an at-large member of the Religious and Spiritual Life Council. Come chat with the Chaplain! Take time to explore your spirituality!

Worship Opportunities

Chapel Services
Chapel services for students, faculty and staff are held occasionally through each semester. Many of these are specifically Christian services, others are interfaith. Check My O-Zone for announcements. If you’re interested in planning and/or leading worship, please contact the Chaplain.

Sunday Morning Worship
Students are encouraged to attend Westerville area churches. Churches of several denominations are within walking distance of our campus; others are a short distance away. The clergy are glad to have students involved in the life of their congregations.  Check with other students in the community to find others who attend church you may interested in learning about.  You can also come and see the Chaplain for a list of area churches, synagogues and mosques and ways to connect to students who already attend. For example, on Sunday mornings the Otterbein Catholic Student Ministries meet at the Campus Center and go to mass at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, about a mile from campus. 

Religious Organizations on Campus

Celebrate your faith with one or more of our religious organizations.

Put Faith Into Practice Through Service

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life is actively engaged in finding ways for students to connect their spirituality, their faith and their actions through service. The Center for Community Engagement has lots of opportunities for students to engage in service activities, and there are also ways for religious and spiritual student organizations to get involved. Come see the Chaplain if you’d like to participate in or plan a service event.


In college, you’ll have all kinds of experiences. Some of them will be wonderful. And you also may experience trying and difficult times when you feel alone and overwhelmed. If you’re having troubles, there are lots of resources to help. Come and talk with the chaplain when you just need someone to listen. If your troubles are more than a good talk can help, we have excellent counseling services available for you. Check out Counseling at Otterbein for more information.

Religious Vocations

Do you think you might be called to ministry? Come to the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life and talk with the chaplain about discerning this call. The Chaplain is available to discuss and help you examine career options associated with the church, and will help you connect with representatives from seminaries and other theological schools.

/ Chaplain's Office

The Chaplain's Office is located in the Mikesell House, 82 W. Main Street.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (summer)
Walk-ins welcome.

University Chaplain
Rev. Dr. Judy Guion-Utsler
p/ 614.823.1409
e/ jguionutsler@otterbein.edu