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Future Students


Otterbein University recognizes academic performance through a combination of merit scholarships and non-need based grants. Students are awarded based on academic performance (GPA and/or class rank), ACT or SAT score, leadership and service activities. Otterbein will accept both new and old SAT scores. Students may submit new information (test score and/or transcript) for scholarship reconsideration before January 31. No scholarship will be changed after a student’s need-based financial aid award has been packaged. Otterbein institutional aid (need-based and merit) cannot exceed the value of full tuition.

Otterbein Academic Merit Scholarship. $3,000 - $15,000. This scholarship is awarded based on strength of academic performance. Criteria include HS GPA and/or class rank and ACT or SAT score. Scholarship is renewable for up to eight semesters of fulltime undergraduate study or the student’s first bachelor degree. Requires a 2.75 GPA at the end of the student’s second year of study for renewal.

Cardinal Grant. $2,000 - $5,000. Awarded to students demonstrating academic achievement, leadership, civic engagement and/or community service. This non-need based grant may be stacked with Otterbein Academic Merit Scholarship.  May be renewed for up to eight semesters or first bachelor’s degree if student maintains 2.75 GPA and enrollment status, academic plan and housing status remain unchanged. This award may be reevaluated for adjustment or replaced with other institutional or endowed aid.

Award Levels

  • Presidential Scholars

  • Provost Scholars

  • Alumni Scholars

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Competitive Scholarships

  • Otterbein Full Tuition Scholarship Competition

  • Battelle Half Tuition Scholarship

Talent Awards

  • Music Talent Awards for majors

  • Music Participation Awards for non-majors

  • Athletic Band

  • Talent Awards for Art, Communication, Theater and Dance

Other Opportunities

  • GO:Fund Award (Guaranteed Opportunity Fund)

  • Legacy Award

  • Sibling Awards

  • Yellow Ribbon Program

  • Otterbein United Methodist Ministerial Grant

  • Ammons Thomas Scholarship

  • International Baccalaureate Scholarship

Awards Requiring Separate Application

Otterbein offers special endowed scholarships, CardinalCorps awards and the Van Sant Leadership award that require separate applications.

CardinalCorps Leaders are a group of students who coordinate weekly service programs at Otterbein. Van Sant Fellows serve as ambassadors for leadership development on campus.  Students who are awarded these scholarships will receive $1500 each year ($750 per semester).  These scholarships are awarded to first year students during the admission process only, and are renewable.  Current Otterbein students are not eligible to apply for this award. Questions? Email the Center for Community Engagement at cce@otterbein.edu

For questions about the endowment application email the Admission Office at uotterb@otterbein.edu

Eligibility for Otterbein Adult & Transfer Scholarships

Full-time transfer students with 30 earned credit hours from their institution and who meet the GPA guidelines are eligible for several transfer scholarships. Transfer students with less than 30 earned credit hours will be considered for the same scholarships, but their complete academic history will be used (high school GPA, class rank, ACT/SAT scores and college GPA). All students are eligible to file for need-based aid by completing the FAFSA form at www.fafsa.gov.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Here are some scholarships outside of Otterbein that you may wish to investigate.

Online Scholarship Search

The following sites are helpful for searching for available scholarships:

  • FastWeb's free scholarship search includes more than 600,000 scholarships worth more than $1 billion. FastWeb also offers expert advice and how-tos on financial aid, scholarships, selecting a major, choosing a career and more. 
  • MyCollegeDollars.com - Connect now with the nearly $6 BILLION  in available scholarship aid and $45 BILLION in federal and state grants.
  • Outside Scholarship Listing - Our office is posting outside scholarships on Facebook.  We are notified occasionally of scholarships being offered.  Go to our Facebook page and Like us to receive these and other important notices.  


/ Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid is located in Barlow Hall, 88 Cochran Alley

p/ 614.823.1502
f/ 614-823-1588
e/ financialaid@otterbein.edu

For your protection, please do not submit personally identifiable or confidential information via email. This includes attachments with tax returns/tax return transcripts and social security numbers.

/ Undergraduate Admission

The Office of Admission is located in Clippinger Hall, 102 W. College Ave.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


p / 614.823.1500
e / uotterb@otterbein.edu