Six Things You Don't Have To Worry About

Students will tell you there aren’t many places as caring and friendly as Otterbein.
We don’t want you to worry.  In fact, you’ll quickly find out, we’re here to help.

Q: How am I going to make friends? Am I going to fit in?

The good news is, most people are feeling the same way - it’s hard to start somewhere new.  During First Flight you’ll spend 5 days getting to meet all of the other new Otterbein students.  While it may seem overwhelming, attend everything you can - you’ll meet other new students on your floor, your First Year Seminar Class and in your First Flight groups.  Be sure to attend First Friday Festival (the first Friday of classes) where you can learn about all of the clubs and organizations on campus.  Getting involved is the quickest and easiest way to meet new friends!

You make friends by getting involved. When I was a first year, I didn't know anyone and I was very nervous about fitting in and finding my place. By joining different organizations such as the Otterbein Christian Fellowship (OCF) and the Otterbein Animal Coalition (OAC) I started to meet people and make friends. I also was in the music department so I met people in the bands and choirs that I participated in as well. Those are ways to get involved and make friends, but even if someone is too busy or too shy to do that, everyone wants to make friends, and that can be done in the classroom. By going to class and talking to people there, whether it be over homework or a test, there are plenty of opportunities to mingle with others and make friends; especially if you have many classes with the same people and are already spending a lot of time together.

Jess Moore '16(New Carlisle, Ohio) Sociology

Q: What if I start to worry about my grades?

Worried about your grades? Wondering if you are in the right major? Or just need someone to help you write that research paper? Don’t worry! Otterbein has great resources for you to go for help. College is a transition and grades are the most important part! So let’s keep that GPA up by utilizing these offices and resources:

During my first semester of Sophomore year I had a really tough time with accounting. I was able to go to the Academic Support Center and request a personal tutor to help me on the areas that I needed most. I was able to bring my grade up from a D to a B!

Liz Engle '17(Mesa, Arizona) Sports Management

Q: What should I do if I am feeling homesick?

Homesickness is not uncommon at college. However, the key is to get involved and limit returning home. By getting involved on campus, you are able to develop new skills, stay busy and build new friendships. This is one cure for homesickness. Another is staying at school and limiting your returns to home. By doing so, you get used to being on campus and being away from home. Be sure to check out these offices for more information, help and involvement opportunities!

Being from out of state I get home sick. Everyone does though. It's ok to be home sick. I like to just talk to my family and they love hearing about my life at college, so I realize I am where I should be. Also just getting involved in a program or club (will help) to get your mind off of it.

Becca Weinel '19(Fort Thomas, Kentucky) Actuarial Science

Q: What if I'm getting sick?

No one likes to get sick. But if you do, visit the Otterbein’s Health Center's Nurse Practitioner or one of the doctors that is on site several hours a day, Monday-Friday.  (FYI: Nurse practitioners can write prescriptions! If it’s more serious—Otterbein will connect you with the care you need.) Additionally, Otterbein is located less than one mile from an Urgent Care and two major hospital facilities.

The Health Center is free and an available source on campus to get checked out. It is really convenient to the residence halls and they offer a variety of services to students. Also, there is a CVS that's a 5-minute walk from the school. It's stocked with all sorts of medicine and makes picking up prescriptions really easy.

Mariama Ba '19(Columbus, Ohio) Political Science and Psychology

Q: Can I get a job?

Worried about bills or hoping for a little bit of extra cash? There are multiple options for on-campus jobs at Otterbein. On-campus jobs are also great about working with your class schedule and availability. Also, due to our awesome location, Easton, Polaris, Uptown Westerville and the Columbus area are full of different places to look for jobs! Be sure to check out our offices and resources for help!

From experience—it is possible to get a job on campus. I currently work as a Cardinal Caller for the Admission Office and as a Biology Teaching Assistant for the Science Department. I landed these jobs by asking around campus. Just about all departments hire students for work study and some departments even hire non-work study students. Most departments are hiring at the beginning of each semester so I recommend asking about opportunities earlier as opposed to later.

Kaitlin Vapenik '17(Strongsville, Ohio) Math and Earth Science

Q: What if I'm worried about gaining the freshmen 15?

It’s the famous myth of beginning college: the Freshman 15. However, there are ways to put this myth to an end! You can take advantage of our workout facilities and trainers (access them at no charge with your Cardinal I.D.) and our healthy meal options in all dining locations. Be sure to check out:

When I came to college, I knew that there would be an unlimited amount of food—and that not all of it would always be good for me. I also knew I was going to be overwhelmed with homework and emotions. However, during my freshman year, I found running. Running has changed my life dramatically. I saw the area of Westerville and Columbus was a great area to run and spend time outside. The Clements Recreation Center provided me with all the strength training I needed. Since my freshman year, I have lost over fifty pounds and also ran three half-marathons, two 10k races, five 5k races, and a marathon. I am happy to call myself a marathon runner and happy to call Otterbein the birth of my running career.

Braeden Sparks '17 (Portsmouth, Ohio) Computer Science