Landing a Great Opportunity (Internships)

Learning isn’t just meant for the classroom.

Otterbein students know that hands-on, professional experience in the real world is how Cardinals land their dream jobs. #OtterShip
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Kelly Jackson in front of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding | Chengdu, China

As an assistant researcher, I collected data on behavioral observations for five giant panda cubs. I also had the opportunity to watch animal training sessions, as well as design and implement enrichment for the giant panda cubs. I learned a completely new language as well as a different culture. I discovered what I want to do with the rest of my life and could not have asked for a better experience than the one I had at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Kelly Jackson '17Zoo and Conservation Science Major


Mikah Sacksteder Barrueta - Internship with National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation | Washington, D.C.

I was interested in increasing minority involvement in the STEM field, which could be achieved by funding minority serving institutions or funding minority professors or researchers (called principal investigators). I worked on a project that analyzed proposals to verify if the principal investigators followed through with the promises they made to include minorities in their research.

Mikah Barrueta Sacksteder '16Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Major


 Nicholas Grisso at Safex

Safex, Inc. | Westerville, Ohio

I spent my time sampling for hazardous chemicals at a processing plant, conducting indoor air quality assessments, sampling and monitoring for lead, silica, noise, and volatile organic compounds in the field, and conducting qualitative and quantitative respirator fit tests. The main emphasis was protecting and caring for other people's health.

Nicholas Grisso '17Environmental Science and Sustainability Major


Amber Zanella and Lauren Becks Internships at the Ohio Wildlife Center

Ohio Wildlife Center | Columbus, Ohio

We served as hospital and admissions interns where we tended to injured, orphaned or malnourished animals by feeding according to protocols while keeping their natural diets and foraging behaviors in mind. There were multiple animal wards that needed to be cleaned, fed and medicated throughout the day. We were also responsible for educating the public about the animals they brought in and regulations concerning wildlife. This internship gave us a lot of different animal experiences and enhanced our ability to think quickly in situations when an animal is struggling.

Amber Zanella '16 Lauren Becks '17 Equine Pre-Vet Major


Elizabeth Issac Internship - Preparing Future Researchers

Preparing Future Researchers, University of Central Florida | Orlando, Florida

Alongside a graduate mentor, I assisted with the fabrication of waveguides to transfer data via light rather than electronically, thus making chip to chip interactions in computers much faster. It was very exciting to join a group doing such ground-breaking work. Through this experience I learned what it truly meant to be a scientist. There is a lot of failure involved in research before a successful outcome is achieved. I've learned that one must persevere instead of giving up when things don't go exactly as planned.

Elizabeth Isaac '18Chemistry Major


Eric Witt Scuba Diving

Bermuda Institute of Oceanic Sciences | Saint George's, Bermuda

I assisted with crustacean species/anemone sample collection and tracked specimens and site locations. The information I helped collect will be used to create a phylogeographical representation of each species around Bermuda, as well as in comparison with the rest of the Caribbean.

Eric Daniel Witt '15Biology Major


Morgan Poczekaj Internship with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption | Columbus, Ohio

Unadoptable is unacceptable is the motto the employees at the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption live and work by every day to find homes for 100,000 kids who are still waiting to be adopted. As an intern, I worked on the Adoption-Friendly Workplace Survey. No matter what projects the staff at the foundation work on, they give their all because they love their jobs and genuinely want to help kids in need. Working at the Dave Thomas Foundation was an incredible learning experience.

Morgan Poczekaj '17Marketing Major


Jhas Corbitt Internship with the Columbus Clippers

Columbus Clippers | Columbus, Ohio

My job was to run cameras and operate the replays on the scoreboard during games. I also assisted with audio and learned a system called CCU, which determined how much color would be on a certain camera when it goes on TV. I was able to observe how a director runs a baseball game and learn about the roles of the announcer. By being quick on my feet and learning the functions of the camera, I was able to prove myself as a resource to the crew.

Jhas Ean Prescott Corbitt '17Communications Major


Kris Crews Internship with 1girl

1girl | Columbus, Ohio

In my role as a research and writing intern, I wrote news articles for 1girl's blog post, researched different organizations and individuals who would be interested in supporting 1girl and assisted with grant writing. I was also a facilitator/mentor for young girls at the after school program and helped teach the importance of leadership, education, establishing confidence, goal setting and social skills.

Kris Crews '17Journalism and Media Communications Major


Grace Lenehan: Sirius XM Radio, The Highway

Sirius XM Radio, The Highway | Nashville, Tennessee

My internship included preparing for artist and guest appearances, personally contributing during live shows and having the opportunity to experience meeting high profile artists. It was an unbelievable experience. I learned so much about the radio and music industry.

Grace Lenehan '15Journalism and Media Communication Major


Jonathan Hill: Metropolitan Washington DC Airports Authority Corporate

Metropolitan Washington DC Airports Authority Corporate | Washington, D.C.

I was completely engulfed in every communications function this quasi-government/corporate organization had to offer. The overarching theme of this experience: I found my passion to pursue aviation-based communications opportunities after graduation.

Jonathan Hill '15Public Relations & Music Business Major


Breaden Sparks Internship with the Portsmouth Ohio Police Department

Portsmouth Ohio Police Department | Portsmouth, Ohio

My responsibilities included assisting detectives in various investigations. I visited homes of victims to collect statements, served a search warrant for DNA at the county jail and called various locations for surveillance footage. I learned about kidnapping, burglary, domestic violence, robbery, drug abuse, suicide, filing false police reports and sexual assault. this experience gave me the opportunity to understand and obtain the knowledge needed for my future career within law enforcement.

Braeden Sparks '17Computer Science Major


Chase Moyer Internship with Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Insurance | Columbus, Ohio

The biggest project I worked on was creating an analysis for some of Nationwide's annuitization guarantees. this project will eventually affect the contracts that Nationwide's annuitants and it has also been passed up to the CFO and VP of IPS annuities. It's a humbling and honoring experience to know that my work will be used by the company and eventually affect Nationwide's customers.

Chase Powell Moyer '17Actuarial Science Major


Ashley Jungclas Internship with Ohio National Financial Services

Ohio National Financial Services | Cincinnati, Ohio

My intern responsibilities consisted of working with test automation to create programs that automatically ran testing of jobs for their Automated Work Distribution (AWD) Team. I also worked on a project for the test automation to help shrink regression testing down to 20 minutes compared to the usual several weeks. I could see test automation being my first job after graduation.

Ashley Jungclas '16Computer Science Major


Adam Sullivan Internship with State Auto Insurance Companies

State Auto Insurance Companies | Columbus, Ohio

As a Rotational Intern,, I was able to learn about the entire insurance industry and experience first-hand five of the departments that make up State Auto Insurance Companies. Obtaining this style of internship allowed me gain a multitude of skills, experience different environments and vastly increased my abilities to communicate with others on both a social and professional level.(Adam, front row left, is joined by State Auto colleagues who are also Otterbein alumni.)

Adam Sullivan '17Actuarial Science Major


Emmanuela Bean Internship with Brandt-Roberts Galleries

Brandt-Roberts Galleries | Columbus, Ohio

As a gallery intern, my responsibilities included: taking pictures of artwork and editing them through Pixelmeter for ArtSystems; hanging, packaging, storing, and organizing artwork; maintaining gallery upkeep; and setting up the gallery for Cocktails and Canvases and Gallery Hop. What I gained from this internship is a newfound love for arts administration. Although I'm an English major, this internship made me discover how much I love working within the arts and how art can have a huge impact on the community.

Emmanuela Bean '16English Literary Studies


Ciara Atkinson Internship with the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities

Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities | Columbus, Ohio

I was responsible for writing a weekly newsletter. I had the privilege of attending conferences, updating orientation manuals, assisting office staff in preparation for upcoming conferences, writing several blog posts as well as running multiple quality checks. I was also able to take part in a planning committee for the 2015 Judicial Symposium on Addiction and Child Welfare.

Ciara Atkinson '17Psychology Major


PJ Peters: Variety Attractions Inc.

Variety Attractions Inc | Zanesville, Ohio

I was on the road for six weeks servicing shows with one of the largest talent buying agencies in the United States. I assisted with every aspect of planning, coordinating and executing a music concert.

PJ Peters '15Theatre Design/Technology Major


Jessica Moore

Wright Patterson Air Force Base DEAMS Program | Fairborn, Ohio

I joined the Junior Force Council where I was in charge of recruiting volunteers and ensuring everything ran smoothly for the Symposium, our big event at the end of the summer. I was also in charge of coordinating several fundraisers.

Jessica Moore '16Sociology Major


Gina Heitcamp: Summer III Nursing Extern at Mayo Clinic

Summer III Nursing Extern at Mayo Clinic | Rochester, Minnesota

I worked with some amazing nurses who taught me more than just nursing skills, but also how to prioritize, critically think and see the patient as more than just a diagnosis. Most importantly, I gained confidence in myself as a nurse.

Gina Heitkamp '15Nursing Major


Brooke Jones: Westfield Group Fitness Center

Westfield Group Fitness Center | Westfield Center, Ohio

I helped with two programs for the employees: Get Fit and Get Moving. I especially enjoyed creating personalized workout plans, giving fitness assessments and learning about each person's individual goals.

Brook Jones '16Health Promotion and Fitness Major