Meet My Favorite Professor

Great teachers. Great Mentors. Great Futures. 

These Cardinals grabbed selfies with some of their favorite profs and mentors.
Read more about who they suggest you study with as a Cardinal!

Selfie of Otterbein Student Ghazy with Prof Pete Sanderson

Dr. Pete Sanderson (Computer Science)

He is an outstanding professor in the department. He has taught a variety of undergraduate computer science courses in the past. He definitely ensures that no student will ever be behind in understanding course material and concepts. During lectures, he uses a variety of hands-on activities such as using playing cards to demonstrate the five sorting algorithms. During labs, he offers helpful suggestions and helps students think through coding.

Ghazy Padmakoesoema '17Computer Science major, Mathematics minor


Selfie of Otterbein Student Kennedy with Otterbein Prof Kengla

John Kengla (Community Engagement)

John Kengla is one of the most fascinating, genuine, and knowledgeable humans who I have had the pleasure to get to know. At Otterbein, you really get to know your professors and they get to know you. John teaches leadership courses that make you look at your life and who you are. He brings the best out in every single one of his students and I can personally say that he has helped change my life for the better.

Kennedy Daly '17History major, Leadership minor, Ohio Army National Guard


Selfie of Student Jessica with Dr. Frisch

Dr. Victoria Frisch (American Sign Language)

Dr. Victoria Frisch is THE BEST professor out there. She teaches American Sign Language and really makes you view life from a deaf person’s perspective. She teaches you how to have a better understanding of people who aren’t exactly like you, and I think that is the best lesson you could learn in life. If you love to experience new things, laugh, and aren’t afraid of bluntness, I highly recommend this class and professor.

Jessica Herman '18Zoo & Conservation Science major


Selfie of Otterbein Student Abigail with Otterbein's Dr. Fisher

Dr. Kim Fischer (Kinesiology)

Dr. Fischer also makes sure all her students know about outside resources and that they get the help they need by recommending tutors and making YouTube videos of concepts.

Abigail Kiley '19Health promotion and fitness


Selfie of Otterbein Student Halley Wasserman with Dr. Lehman

Dr. Jeffrey Lehman (Life Science Biology)

I would recommend biology lab with Dr. Lehman because he makes the work engaging and enjoyable. Dr. Lehman uses relevant songs and jokes to make learning biology fun while also helping to go in depth with what I am learning in lecture.

Haley Wasserman '19Zoo and Conservation Major, Studio Art Major


Hayley Quinn

Dr. Ioan Hrinca (Math Department)

Dr. Hrinca has continuously inspired me throughout the course of Calculus II. He made his office regularly open for assistance, and many students formed a friendship with him. Dr Hrinca genuinely cares about each and every one of his students, and he deeply wants them to succeed in not only mathematics, but in every area of life! The inspiration this man has for his teaching job motivates me to find that same passion within my own major.

Hayley Quinn '17Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Major


Troy Neptune & Dr. Anna Young

Dr. Anna Young (Biology & Earth Science Department)

What selfie is complete without Dr. Young and her whimsical budgies? Not only has Dr. Young been an excellent professor, but she has also been a wonderful mentor. She is truly an inspiration to me, and I look forward to what the Zoo and Conservation Science program has in store for my future!

Troy Neptune '17Zoo & Conservation Science, Art (Drawing Concentration) Double Major


Charmaine Mosley & Dr. Ruth Chavez

Dr. Ruth Chavez (Nursing)

Ruth has such a kind heart and is willing to help students in anyway she can. She has taken the time to meet with me and other students to understand certain nursing lectures. She is definitely a great professor to learn from and to look up too. I am so blessed to have a professor like her who believes in me and my passion with nursing!

Charmaine Mosley '16Nursing Major


Tim Neptune

Dr. Jean Kelly (Communication Department)

I have had a couple classes with Dr. Kelly and she is nothing short of charismatic and fun. She taught my web production class where we learned about designing websites. She is very knowledgeable, instructs very well, and sometimes brings donuts to class!

Tim Neptune '17Journalism & Media Communication Major


Yi Lu or Carol

Brian Day, CPA (Accounting)

I took the accounting class by Professor Brian Day last semester, and he was really awesome. He is funny and would tell jokes on class that made the class not bored at all. I'm glad that I took that class and Professor Day offered me a lot of help. I still keep great connection with him so I took this selfie with him. I strongly recommend more student don't miss this class and get to know more about accounting and such a great professor.

Yi Lu


Kelsey Woodard

Dr. Karen Robinson (Education)

Dr. Karen Robinson is a great Early Childhood Education professor who is extremely approachable and fun! As my academic adviser she has inspired me to pursue my wildest dreams, supported me, and advocated for me when needed. I would highly suggest taking a class with her!

Kelsey WoodardEarly Childhood Education Major


Will King

John Tansey (Chemistry)

Dr. Tansey is one of my personal favorite professors. He has made a huge impact on my Otterbein experience from allowing me to do research with him my first semester, advising me with my future plans, as well as honestly being a friend to me whenever I get stressed about my major. He is a professor you definitely do not want to miss. So if you are taking General Chemistry next year, he is the professor to have.

Will King '17Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Double Major