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Application Fee Waiver Policy

Undergraduate Traditional Admission Fee Waiver Policy

College Board and/or NACAC Fee Waiver Forms
If paying the application fee would cause undue financial hardship on your family, Otterbein University will accept either the NACAC (PDF) and/or College Board (PDF) Fee Waivers. Fee waivers should be submitted to the Office of Admission by their High School Counselor at the time of application.

Questions or concerns with the Application Fee Waiver policy can be shared at uotterb@otterbein.edu or at 614.823.1500.

Apply as a traditional undergraduate.

If you have already submitted your application you can pay your application fee here.

Adult and Transfer Student Fee Waiver Policy

Applications, paper or online,will be required to submit the $35 Application Fee. Students that have served in the U.S. Military, returning students, and Otterbein University employees are also not required to submit the $35 application fee.

Learn more about Transfer Enrollment or Adult Enrollment.

If you have already submitted your Adult or Transfer Student application you can pay your application fee here.

/ Undergraduate Admission

The Office of Admission is located in Clippinger Hall, 102 W. College Ave.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


p/ 614.823.1500
e/ uotterb@otterbein.edu