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Thesis Dissertation Service

The Otterbein University Graduate School, Honors Program, Distinction Program, Courtright Memorial Library and OhioLINK provide assistance to students with submission of their theses to OhioLINK Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (ETD) Center.

What is the OhioLINK ETD Center?

The OhioLINK ETD is a free, online database containing electronic versions of master’s theses, dissertations, and undergraduate honors theses (full text and abstracts) from participating OhioLINK member schools.  The content is uploaded to the ETD as a PDF that reproduces the format of the printed document.  If a thesis contains non-print elements, they can be incorporated into the PDF or stored along with it. The OhioLINK ETD program provides open access to a student's thesis or dissertation, and this thesis or dissertation will be indexed by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other Internet search engines.

Benefits of Electronic Theses and Dissertations

  • Professional development experience for students to learn the basic skills of scholarly publishing in an electronic format and to gain an understanding of digital libraries (i.e. useful for teaching, research, grant submission). 
  • Possible creative scholarship presentation through use of color diagrams and images, hypertext links, audio and video, simulations, animations, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Reduce the need for library storage space by utilizing advancements in the digital library, which improves service.  
  • Broader exposure of undergraduate student research through greater accessibility with Google and other search engines indexing. ETD content is also available through the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), an international consortium that seeks to improve graduate education by developing accessible digital libraries of theses and dissertations. Publishers troll the ETD/NDLTD for content suitable for publication. Potential employers may also more easily view these documents.
  • Increase the visibility of Otterbein with open access to the knowledge produced by the work of Otterbein student scholars.
  • Statistics provided by OhioLINK on downloads of papers by institution could serve as an indicator of the value/impact of student scholarship.

Formatting Guidelines

I. Paper copy

    Each student also needs to understand his or her school’s rules and requirements for this paper

    The student is responsible for ensuring that his/her thesis or capstone project is approved by the supervising faculty member(s) or by the department/program, as appropriate. The title page must include the appropriate signatures. The deadline for dropping off the paper materials (thesis, distinction, or capstone) to be bound is May 3rd, or two weeks prior to graduation. Please check the Thesis Binding Policy and Binding Request Form for more information.

    II. ETD Copy

    ETD Submitting Guidelines

    Check the submission checklist to make sure all of the necessary steps have been completed before you submit your final paper and ETD copy.

    Submit two paper copies of the thesis/dissertation to the library by following the Courtright Memorial Library Thesis Binding Policy . Remember the deadline for dropping off your materials (thesis, distinction, or capstone) to be bound is May 3rd, or two weeks before graduation. The cover page must have all appropriate signatures or else we will not be able to bind it.

    Before you submit a thesis, dissertation or project electronically,

    1. Download the Otterbein University Thesis/Dissertation/Project Authorization Form and submit it, with both your signature and the signature of your adviser, to Elizabeth Zeitz in the Acquisitions office at the library.
    2. Sign the Author/Contributor Publication Agreement through Otterbein Banner once the thesis or dissertation has been approved for ETD submission. Go to My Ozone now and click on the My-Banner Icon. Select the Personal Information tab and the Answer a Survey link is at the top; click on that link.

    To submit the thesis, dissertation or project electronically, create an account at the OhioLINK ETD Center. Select the "Submitter/Student Account" option and follow the instruction to submit the paper. Choose “Do not upload my paper to UMI...” option during your submission (this option is typical for doctoral dissertations, but is not expected for masters or undergraduate theses).

    The student will receive an e-mail notification once the submission has been reviewed. If there is a problem with the uploading of the ETD, contact the library.

    Publishing and Publication Delay

    The vast majority of publishers do not see freely available ETDs as a problem. However, if a student has a pending publication or patent based on thesis/dissertation/project, we encourage the student to contact publishers to find out:

    • whether they consider an ETD published in a library digital repository to be prior publication
    • whether they will consider for publication a manuscript derived from an online theses or dissertations

    Some publishers consider open access ETDs to be previously published manuscripts and will not consider them for publication. This is most frequently the case in the arts and humanities, and is especially true of creative writing theses. If recommended by a publisher and allowed by the program, the student may wish to request a publication delay while the publisher considers the book project.

    A student can request publication delay option on the Authorization Form. A publication delay must be approved by the advisor with the advisor's signature on the Authorization Form.

    The student should still submit two print copies of their thesis, paper, or project to the library for binding and inclusion in our collection. Publication delays do not apply to these print theses. If needed, the print version Theses/Dissertations/Projects can be requested as" local circulation only" to limit the outside campus access.

    All Thesis/Dissertation/Projects will be made available immediately after being approved by the Graduate Office, Honors Program, or Distinction Program, unless the student or department chooses to delay release for publishing, patent or proprietary reasons on the Authorization Form.

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