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Don't Play The Game: Change it
The Graduate School
Making all the difference, separating proficient from excellent, recalibrating momentum, 
shifting course, changing the outcome – for the better.  There’s a name for leaders who make things happen.

They’re known as game changers.  There are decisions that change everything.  
Pursuing an advanced degree from Otterbein is one of them.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

You want to advance your career, and we can help you. Otterbein's MBA program offers the coursework you need to be competitive in business and industry today.

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Graduate Nursing Programs

You are trained to help others, and we are here to help you. Through Otterbein's Graduate Nursing Programs, you can earn a master's degree, a post-master's certification, or a doctor of nursing practice degree.

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Graduate Education Program

Whether you want to earn your MAE or your MAT, Otterbein's Graduate Education Program can get you there. We also offer non-degree endorsements and licensure curricula. So tell us, what can we teach you?


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Master of Arts in Educational Mathematics

Master of Arts Educational Math

For math teachers, few options exist for an advanced degree that honors both their roots in education and in mathematics. Otterbein University created a new path for high school teachers and community college faculty passionate about mathematics who have a strong desire to share the power of that passion with others.

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Master of Science in Allied Health

Master of Science in Allied HealthMaster of Science in Allied Health program will prepare you for the next level in your career advancement through a challenging and professionally focused curriculum


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