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The Graduate School


Get to know our graduate nursing faculty.

Kay Ball, PhD, RN, CNOR FAAN
p/ 614.823.1213
e/ kball@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: perioperative nursing, legislative activities.

Kacy Ballard, MSN, CRNA
Assistant director, Otterbein University/Grant Medical Center Nurse Anesthesia Program
 One thing I love about being a CRNA is that every day is different.  It is an exhilarating profession that calls for critical thinking, dedication, teamwork, and attention to detail. Whether I’m in the clinical setting or the classroom, I have a great sense of professional pride and accomplishment.

Susan Butz, DNP, RN, CCRN
BSN program director
p/ 614.823.1353
e/ sbutz@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: critical care, emergency room care, nursing education and women's health.

Ruth Chavez, DNP, RN
p/ 614.823.1453
e/ rchavez@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: child health, medically fragile child, developmental disabilities and clinical immersion experiences.

p/ 614.823.1526
e/ jchovan@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: psychiatric & mental health nursing, palliative care, nursing models, gerontology, holistic nursing, health care systems, leadership, quantitative/qualitative research, thinking and learning, and technology.

Brian Garrett, DNP, MSN, RN, CRNA 
Program Director, Otterbein University/Grant Nurse Anesthesia Program
p/ 614.823.1823
e/ bgarrett@otterbein.edu 
Areas of interest: anesthesia (adult), anesthesia machine, and anesthesia pharmacology.

Jackie Haverkamp, DNP, RN, CNP, NHA
Director of the NSA Program

p/ 614.823.1628
e/ jhaverkamp@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: assessment and management of clinical problems in medical-surgical nursing, emergency nursing, gerontology, hospice and related oncology care, nursing education and nursing service administration.

Karen Hughes MSN; RN, CNE
Director of Clinical Nurse Leader Program
p/ 614.823.1539
e/ khughes@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: medical surgical nursing; renal failure and diabetes; educational methods; incivility in higher education. Karen is a champion for the CNL role in Central Ohio and enjoys collaborating with students on their CNL projects. 

Patricia Keane, Ph.D., RN
Chair and Director of Graduate Studies in Nursing

p/ 614.823.1678
e/ PKeane@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: qualitative research, women's health, violence against women, osteoporosis, and health promotion.

Mary McKelvey, PhD, RN, CNS
Director of the ADN to MSN Program

p/ 614.823.1433
e/ MMcKelvey@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: stress and coping in minority (e.g. black and hispanic) families; economic concerns of women in the U.S.; psychological adaptation (e.g. depression, feeling of well-being, self-esteem) to stressors (e.g. divorce).

Barbara Nash, MS, RNC, CNS
p/ 614.823.1643
e/ bnash@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: primary care, college health, leadership, policy and the impact of humor on health.

Alicia Ribar, PhD, RN, CNP
Director of FNP Program

p/ 614.823.1253
e/ ARibar@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: pediatric and women's health; qualitative research; nutritional interventions affecting health; maternal-infant research; and lactation education.

Barbara H. Schaffner, PhD, CNP
Dean,the Graduate School & School of Professional Studies
Professor, Nursing

p/ 614.823.1735
e/ bschaffner@otterbein.edu

Joy Shoemaker, DNP, RN, CRNP
p/ 614.823.1912
e/ jshoemaker@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: women’s health; maternal-child health; pediatric adolescent medicine; and community health.

Margie Vogt, PhD, DNP, RN, CNP, CNE, FAANP
Director of the DNP Program
p/ 614.823.1426
e/ MVogt@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: quantitative/qualitative research, children with chronic illness, diabetes, oncology, camp nursing, nursing administration, and pediatric practitioner.


Support Staff

Skills Laboratory
Trudy Mason, MS, RN
Skills Lab Supervisor
p/ 614.823.1226
e/ TMason@otterbein.edu

Aimee Cerny, BSN, RN
Nursing Skills Laboratory Instructor
p/ 614.823.1227
e/ acerny@otterbein.edu 

Vanessa Johnson MSN, RN
Nursing Skills Laboratory Instructor
p/ 614.823.1228
e/ vjohnson@otterbein.edu

Clinical Coordinators
Alicia Martinez-Spencer, MS, CNP
p/ 614.823.1614
e/ amartinezspencer@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: Geriatric care and pallative care.

Holly Herron, DNP, MS, RN, CNS, CEN, CCRN, EMT-P
p/ 614.823.1277
e/ hherron@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest are: flight nursing; pre-hospital emergency care; emergency and critical care; nursing and pre-hospital education.

Admission Counselor/Recruiter
Dorothy Crider MS, RN
Graduate Nursing Admission Counselor/Recruiter
p/ 614.823.3272
e/ DCrider@otterbein.edu
Areas of interest: thought field therapy and complementary therapies.

Administrative Support

Sharon Buxton
Administrative Coordinator
p/ 614.823.1614
e/ SBuxton@otterbein.edu

Maureen Kaiser
Academic Administrative Assistant
p/ 614.823.1614
e/ MKaiser@otterbein.edu