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The Graduate School

Master of Business Administration

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  • Timing. Instincts. Vision.

    They can make all the difference. They separate proficient from excellent. They recalibrate momentum. They shift course. They change the outcome---for the better.

    There’s a name for leaders with these qualities. They’re known as game changers.

    Our MBA program is for those who want to do more than just challenge the status quo. It’s for leaders who want to produce real success quotients. 


    • MBA launched in 1997; Bachelor’s-to-MBA program created in 2006
    • Student-to-faculty ratio is 12:1
    • Faculty; Click here to learn more
    • Cost per credit hour: $618 (total program cost is $22,248, not including books)
    • Admission in fall and spring semesters; prerequisite requirements can be started summer semester
    • Located in nationally recognized Westerville, OH; Click to learn more


    Earn your MBA by completing 12 courses:
    8 Core courses (24 credit hours); 3 Elective courses (9 credit hours); 1 Capstone course (3 credit hours)...totaling 36 credit hours


    • Average age: 33
    • Average work experience: 6 years
    • Average GPA: 3.5
    • Male: 53%; Female: 47%
    • More than 600 MBA alumni hold various key positions at industry-leading employers. 


    • “My degree was a fantastic experience and one that I would recommend to others." -- Elizabeth Mack, 2013
    • "Working with a local non-profit for our capstone project was unique and probably the most beneficial experience of my MBA." -- Abigail Fry, 2013
    • “This program has provided me with a quality education and a great network of fellow alumni, professors and school administrators who truly care about my overall development as an individual.” – Jean-Claude Ndongo, 2013
    • Take a look at other MBA Alumni testimonials 
  • At Otterbein, we don’t want our students to learn how to play the game. We want them to change it. What do we mean?

    In business, it’s not enough anymore to just adapt to change.
    You have to lead it with…

                …innovative, entrepreneurial thinking
                …real problem-solving capabilities
                …collaboration that improves organizational processes.

    There are decisions in life that can change everything. Pursuing an advanced degree at Otterbein is one of them. Change the game! 

    Apply Now!

    You will…
    • Focus on business integrity, realize your personal best, learn to lead a life of purpose;
    • Understand the foundations of business and industry – Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Management, Information Technology, and more;
    • Challenge the status quo to improve organizational processes by thinking innovatively and entrepreneurially;
    • Collaborate to solve real and current problems, and change the face of your business and/or industry.
    Higher Learning Commission Mark of Affiliation

    Students earn their MBA by completing a total of 12 courses:
    8 Core courses (24 credit hours) 
    3 Elective courses (9 credit hours) 
    1 Capstone Project course (3 credit hours) 
    TOTAL = 36 credit hours

    With the support of full-time/adjunct faculty and staff, you are able to stay focused on what is most important – your career aspirations and goals. By taking two classes a semester, you can work full time and complete your MBA in only two years. Accelerated options are also available. Click to Learn More.

  • MBA candidates are required to have a four-year degree from a regionally accredited college or university and have professional experience. Candidates who earned a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above on a 4.0 scale are not required to take the GMAT exam; all other candidates are required to take the GMAT exam and score a minimum of 500. 

    Apply Now!

    After we receive all of your application materials (Click to learn more) we will expedite the review of your application for an admission decision, and request (or send to you) any additional information, if necessary. Until that time, we hope you find the answers to your questions within the MBA pages. 

    If you have more specific questions, please reach out to the contacts listed at the right hand of this page. We will provide the information you need to make the best decision for your future. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • The Otterbein MBA is priced competitively at $22,248 ($618 per credit hour; not including books), and delivers a noticeable return for the instruction, tools, professional/personal connections, and lifelong colleagues/friends you gain from your studies.

    In order to help you manage your graduate school expenses we offer a deferred payment plan and a 4-part payment planClick Here for information about payment plans. 

  • Otterbein MBA alumni…

    • Are leaders within their organizations and their communities
    • Hold key positions within many different impactful industries
    • Succeed in life and help others do the same
    • Reside across the country (PDF)

Michael A. Levin

Associate Professor of Marketing

Listen in as Marketing Professor, Michael Levin, discusses holiday retail trends on 610 WTVN this week with Otterbein graduate and radio host Joel Riley. Listen In Now

MBA Craig Johnson

/ The Graduate School

The Graduate School is located in Roush Hall, room 208.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

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/ MBA Personnel

Eric Lloyd
Director, MBA program
p/ 614.823.1445
e/ elloyd@otterbein.edu

Patricia Hohlbein
MBA Program Recruiter
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Erica Huffman
Graduate Assistant
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