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Information Technology (IT) Concentration Curriculum

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Otterbein University’s MBA Program offers a concentration in the rapidly growing and changing area of Information Technology (IT). This specially designed series of courses is for professionals who want to sharpen their skills, advance their career, make a career change, or, have a new learning experience.

Students can add courses in the concentration at any term during their studies, since they are not required to be taken in sequence.

Information Technology (IT) Concentration Requirements
(3 courses, 3 credit hours each)

MBA 6850 - Managing Information Systems
This course explores information technology issues related to the internal and external environment of the firm. Its focus is on the use of information systems for competitive advantage. Within the firm, it investigates the planning, development and control of management information systems and explores the planning and acquisition of appropriate hardware, software and peripherals. Further, it explores the explosive role of the Internet and growing power and usage of information databases. Topics included are the economics of information, electronic commerce, database marketing, virtual firms and communities, and privacy and network security systems. The course is multidisciplinary and will include topics and input from computer science, library and instructional media, and academic computing.

MBA 6860 - Information Technology Leadership
Chief Information Officers and Information Technology Leaders have become perhaps the most valuable players in the corporate executive suite. They are integral to the corporate strategy, tactics, and day-to-day operations. This course will lay the foundation for considering many questions related to executive management and use of information systems. It will prepare students to make informed choices when considering the strategic use of technology to support corporate business objectives. Five core areas will be explored:

  1. Strategy, Organizations, Management and the Networked Enterprise,
  2. Information Technology Infrastructure, Processes, and People,
  3. Building and Buying Information Systems,
  4. Directions, Management and Organizational Support, and
  5. Strategic Information Systems in the Digital Firm.

Students will complete a group project and presentation that focuses on a Strategic Information Systems Plan. Groups will select the organization that they wish to study, develop a business plan, and perform the necessary analysis to formulate the Strategic Information Systems Plan.

MBA 6870 - IT: Agile, Change, and Project Management
Technology is woven into the fabric of every business process and innovation in our business world. Information technology leaders are enablers of driving value added change in our enterprises. This course will lay the foundation for building skills to lead enterprise level change both strategically and tactically in an enterprise 2.0 world.

Four core areas will be explored:

  1. Change models, frameworks, and execution strategies,
  2. Enterprise project governance,
  3. Enterprise 2.0 and the project manager - skills and competencies, and
  4. Agile development - definition, opportunity, and implementation.

Students will have the opportunity to go through the life cycle of building an enterprise project portfolio down through to the project level detail of a single “agile” project. The objective of this course is to prepare you as managers of information with the basic skills to lead and deliver change in an enterprise 2.0 world.

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