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The Graduate School

From the Dean

Otterbein University adopted revised Vision and Mission statements in 2013 highlighting the University as “A Model Community” that promotes the core values of diversity, equality, inclusiveness, lifelong learning, opportunity, service and sustainability. 

Otterbein University will be nationally recognized as a model community of educators, leaders, and learners who set the pace for higher education and contribute to the common good.

Otterbein is an inclusive community dedicated to educating the whole person in the context of humane values.  Our mission is to prepare graduates to think deeply and broadly, to engage locally and globally, and to advance their professions and communities.  An Otterbein education is distinguished by the intentional blending of the liberal arts and professional studies, combined with a unique approach to integrating direct experiences into all learning.

The VISION of Otterbein University’s Graduate School  “to create engaged and transformed leaders who shape tomorrow” resonates well with the University’s vision and mission as we shape tomorrow’s leaders towards professional careers and personal lives that contribute to the community and society.  The Graduate School is proud to be part of the larger Otterbein University community, building a model community that stands on the newly adopted brand pillars of:

  • The smartest way to learn;
  • A place to belong;
  • The opportunity to realize one’s personal best; and
  • Values that guide serving the common good.

We want to know your story, how did you experience Otterbein as a model community?  We want to hear your suggestions on how The Graduate School can be an even better Model Community.  We count on you, our alumni and friends, to help us guide The Graduate School towards a successful tomorrow. 

Barbara Schaffner, Dean

Please send your personal story to kcarey@otterbein.edu (Kate Carey, Associate Dean, The Graduate School, 1 South Grove Street, Westerville, OH).

/ The Graduate School

The Graduate School is located in Roush Hall, room 208.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

p/ 614.823.3210
e/ grad@otterbein.edu

/ Personnel

Barbara Schaffner
p/ 614.823.1735
e/ bschaffner@otterbein.edu

Kate Carey
Associate Dean
p/ 614.823.3209
e/ kcarey@otterbein.edu

Terry Magas
Assistant to the Dean
p/ 614.823.3274
e/ tmagas@otterbein.edu

Gaby Miller
Graduate Education Recruiter/Counselor MAT
p/ 614.823.1346
e/ gmiller@otterbein.edu

Dorothy Crider

Graduate Nursing Admission Recruiter/Counselor
p/ 614.823.3272
e/ dcrider@otterbein.edu

Amy Featherstone
Graduate Education and MAEM Recruiter/Counselor MAE
p/ 614.823.3271
e/ afeatherstone@otterbein.edu

Patricia Hohlbein
MBA and Allied Health Program Recruiter
p/ 614.823.1095
e/ phohlbein@otterbein.edu

Deb Williams
Admission and Data Management Coordinator
p/ 614.823.3270
e/ dwilliams@otterbein.edu