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The Erin McKenzie Virtual
Welcoming Space

Westerville South High School Graduation Video and
Dedication Photos




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Given at the 2004 Evening of Reflection at Westerville South High School
by Erin McKenzie, a 2004 Graduate



Text of Speech


Did you love High School? I did! We had some very good teachers. And, the best part was being with friends in class, at meetings, at parties, everywhere!


We learned new things in high school and we discovered what we were good at or liked to do. I learned that I love Shakespeare! And Theatre! And Choir! And Drama Club! And working with the Otterbein University Theatre Department. We learned about different cultures and languages. I learned American Sign Language.


Some times we needed help from other friends or adults and some times we helped them. It is nice to help other people! We learned that some things are hard for us. We had to study and practice. We had to be on time and be organized.

But, we have more to learn.


The character, Louisa, in one of my favorite plays, THE FANTASTICKS, sings, “I want to do the things I've dreamed about but never done before. Perhaps I'm bad, or wild, or mad, with lots of grief in store. But I want much more than keeping house, much more, much more, much more!”


Go Seniors! Enjoy life!

Dedication of the Erin McKenzie Welcoming Space at Westerville South High School Media Center


Mural Title


Mitakuye Oyasin is taken from the Lakota/Dakota Language and can be translated, “We are all related,” or “All my relations.” It speaks to the sacred belief of oneness and harmony with the universe.


Sarah Boatright, Mural Artist, at work on the mural.
The completed mural.




Erin's name


Waste' Wiyan is the name that Erin was honored with by the Native American community. Wiyan means “woman.” Waste' can be translated as good, gentle, loving, or how you see the person's inner beauty.


Dedication at South

Dedication of Erin McKenzie Welcoming Space at Westerville South High School Media Center on May 17, 2005


Erin's Space at South High School


Images displayed are included with permission of Sarah Boatright, Andy Boatright and Barb McKenzie.

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