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"Official Summons for Jury Duty" Annual Spring Meeting
April 20, 2001
Cast Members: Stephen G., Rick D., Larry C., Alison P., Pat K., Susan W., Phil B., Jim G.,
Mary Pat K., John W., John L. and Joanne V.
Members of the Cast, who portrayed different characters from literary works
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"Jesuits in Space and Other Absurdities" by Mary Doria Russell
October 15, 2001
Mary Doria Russell
Mary Doria Russell signing autographs___
Donna K., Joanne V., Marilyn D., Thomas K.
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"Long Lost Literary Loot" Annual Spring Meeting
April 19, 2002
Beth D., Pat K., Bert H., Jane H., Stephen G., John W., Alison P. and Mary Pat K.
Beth D., Alison P., Mary Pat K., Rick D., Pat K., Stephen G., John W. and Bert H.
Friends members gathering prior to performance
Friends Annual Business Meeting
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"Novel Ingredients: A Recipe for Change" by Ruth Ozeki
October 29, 2002
_____ ____ Audience members enjoy Ruth Ozeki's talk _______
Ruth Ozeki signing autographs
Friends members enjoy stimulating conversation.
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