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Important Tips
1. It is better to get more information than you think you need so you don't have to re-do the research process
2. Remember that dictionaries and encyclopedias are great places to start for any assignment to gain background information, terminology used, and names of experts in the field.
Getting Started
Determine the Size and Scope
of Your Paper

To determine the size and scope of your paper, consider the nature of your assignment. The type of assignment determines how much information you will need and where you should go for the information.

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This chart provides some suggestions for the types of materials you might use during your research.
5 minute speech
use dictionaries, encyclopedias, pamphlets, magazine articles, or statistical handbooks.
2 page essay
use magazine articles, books, journals and encyclopedias
15 page research paper
use more in-depth resources, including books, journals, government publications, and subject specific research databases.