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Performing Research
Know When to Use Current or Historical Info
Determine whether the topic you are researching is changing so rapidly that you need the most current information available (example: medical research), or whether older materials can be just as valid (example: literary criticism).
However, some assignments require the use of historical materials, such as diaries, books, documents, and manuscripts.  Using a library online catalog, such as OPAL, or searching in an archival database, such as JSTOR, may be the best way to find historical materials for your assignment.
When you are doing something related to Otterbein University, remember that the University Archives (the Otterbein Room, located on the lower level of the library) may have the information you need.
Some assignments require that you use the most current information.   For these assignments, the use of pamphlets, newspapers, magazines and the World Wide Web may be your best choices.
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