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Quiz 2
Did You Learn?
Directions: Read each question carefully and select the answer you think is correct. If your answer is wrong, try again. If you don't understand the answer, click the book icon next to the question. It will take you back to that section of the tutorial so you can review the information.
1. The Courtright Memorial Library uses several different call number schemes to organize materials. What system is used for the majority of books and videos housed in the library?
2. If your professor prohibits the use of Internet sources, you can not even touch a computer when doing your research.
Dewey Decimal System
Library of Congress
panda and smile
panda or smile
panda not smile
There are footnotes and long bibliographies
The article is based on original research
The author's credentials are listed to identify his/her expertise
All of the above!
3. Libraries offer a variety of computerized databases. Which search phrase below would retrieve the most records?
4. A periodical is probably scholarly if:
5. A web site that ends in .edu is an educational web site, therefore the information it provides is scholarly and has been evaluated by professionals.
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