Revamped by Will Ferrall
Performing Research
Understanding Keywords and Subjects
use words that may occur somewhere in the text
do not use "controlled vocabulary," such as a thesaurus, to create the words which can be searched
will often result in returns which are not exactly what you had in mind
Use keyword search when your term may be very new or jargon (it takes awhile for indexers to begin using new words)
When you cannot remember the exact title of an item, do a keyword search on the words you do know.
use headings which have been assigned by another person (an "indexer") to describe the content.
use "controlled vocabulary" to create the acceptable words
Using the appropriate subject heading will retrieve all items in the database indexed under that topic.
Results are usually more specific to your topic; less "garbage" is retrieved however, unless you find the "correct" subject terms you may not find the information you are interested in locating
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