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Quiz 3
Did You Learn?
Directions: Read each question carefully and select the answer you think is correct. If your answer is wrong, try again. If you don't understand the answer, click the book icon next to the question. It will take you back to that section of the tutorial so you can review the information.
1. MLA, APA, and CBE are: ?
2. As a college student, I do not have to ask permission to use copyrighted materials, as educational use is considered fair use.
Acronyms on the German Stock Exchange
Citation styles
UN Committees
To find accurate information on the quality of a product or topic
To determine one particular viewpoint of a topic
To use for a research paper
The purpose (to inform, persuade, sell, etc.) of the writer is clearly indicated.
The citation style used by the writer.
The information is relevant to your assignment.
The source was written by an authority on the topic.
3. A publication or website with the purpose of persuading me to purchase something or to believe a certain way would be useful:
4. Which of the following is not something that must be considered when evaluating your resources?
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