7:45 am to 2:00 AM
Friday 7:45 am to 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM

Hours vary during holidays, exams and breaks. A complete list of library hours is available on the library's home page.

For information on the library staff (name, phone number, e-mail address, and liaison responsibilities), consult the staff directory.

Library Liaisons work collaboratively with faculty to build the library collection, provide instruction in the use of library resources, create bibliographies, perform sophisticated searches on online resources, assist with departmental reviews, and other services as appropriate.

To find the liaison to your department, select your department from the list.


Type of Material
Otterbein Owned Items
OPAL/OhioLINK Owned Items
Government Publ.
21 day loan
4 renewals
No overdue fines
21 day loan
4 renewals
Overdue fines will be waived

Video Tapes/DVD
Compact Discs
Cassette Tapes

7 days
4 renewals
No overdue fines
7 day loan
No renewals
Overdue fines will be waived
3 days
4 renewals
No overdue fines

Not available via OPAL/OhioLINK,
use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) or electronic journals

Pamphlets & Annual Reports
3 days
4 renewals
No overdue fines
Not available via OPAL/OhioLINK
Laptops, Camcorders, Data Projectors

1 day
0 renewals
No overdue fines

Not available via OPAL/OhioLINK
Slide Projectors, Overhead Projectors, Compact Disc Players, Tape Recorders, and other non-digital equipment

7 days
0 renewals
No overdue fines

Not available via OPAL/OhioLINK
2 hour or 1, 3 or 7 days
No renewals (if you need material longer, please check with a circulation supervisor)
Not available via OPAL/OhioLINK
  1. Notes:
    a) Otterbein owned materials can be checked out for extended periods (no longer than one academic term) upon request. Please ask for an extended due date BEFORE you check out the item.
    b) Although the computer system automatically charges Faculty members for overdue fines for OPAL and OhioLINK owned materials, we will waive these charges. However, faculty members are charged for lost or damaged Otterbein, OPAL, and OhioLINK items and for overdue Interlibrary Loan items. These fees will not be waived. Please return you items on time to allow us to be in good standing with other members of OPAL and OhioLINK.
    c) As a faculty member, you need to agree to abide by the loan policies of the Courtright Memorial Library. You will be responsible for all items you check out and their replacement costs should they become lost or damaged. In situations where replacement costs remain unpaid for a period exceeding 60 days past the initial billing, the College reserves the right to withhold from your salary or wages the amount owed. You will be notified of all such withholdings.


Use the library homepage ( from your office, home, or the library to access the library's resources and services. It is a valuable tool for you to use whenever you require information or assistance. From the library website you can access:

  • Otterbein's Library Catalog (OPAL)
  • OhioLINK
  • Catalogs of other libraries, such as the Columbus Metropolitan Library and Westerville Public Library
  • Research Databases, on a wide variety of subjects
  • Journals A-Z list of all serial titles available through the library (including print, mf, and electronic)
  • Electronic journals (E-Journals) and electronic books (E-books)
  • Digital image collections, including Films for the Humanities and Sciences, AP Photo Archives, etc.
  • Government Publications
  • Library Services, including forms for ordering new materials or requesting Interlibrary Loans
  • List of newly acquired items, Blog, and copies of the library newsletter
  • Common Book bibliographies and research guides
  • Otterbein Room (University Archives)
  • Friends of the Library
  • Virtual Tour of the library
  • Tutorial (to help with learning about conducting library research and citing resources)
  • Many other useful links

Need more information? Contact your department liaison or Jane Wu, x1027.

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