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The Courtright Memorial Library is grateful for gifts of all kinds. Monetary gifts are always appreciated, as are books, periodicals (both loose issues and subscriptions), and non-print media. Materials donated to the library have the potential to greatly enhance our current collection. There are, however, some qualifications of which you, as a donor, should be aware.

1. Receipt of Gift Materials


The library does not have sufficient staff to pick up gifts; therefore, we request that all gifts be delivered to the Library. You may bring your donations to the Library’s circulation desk on the main floor or to the back service door of the Library. If special accommodations are required, please contact the Collection Development & Acquisitions Coordinator at 614-823-1938. You will be asked to complete a brief donor information sheet. A copy of the sheet can be emailed to you ahead of time if necessary.


2. Appraisal of Gift Materials


The Library by law cannot appraise materials for income tax purposes. If you require an appraisal you should obtain one prior to donating your materials to the library. After your gift has been processed, you will receive a letter of acknowledgment that will thank you for the total number of items donated. Expect this letter within 2-3 months of your donation.


3. Evaluation and Disposition of Gift Materials.


Each gift will be evaluated to determine its appropriateness for inclusion in the reference, circulating or special collections. This evaluation of gifts is primarily the responsibility of the librarian liaisons who work in consultation with the faculty or with other subject experts as appropriate. Considerations such as age and condition of the gifts and their subject matter are among the criteria used to judge whether an item should be incorporated into the Library’s holdings. A gift shall be considered suitable for inclusion in the Library collections if it satisfies a current or anticipated curricular demand; is essential for overall collection development; or possesses definite research potential.


We ask for the health and safety of our students, staff, and collection that you please evaluate your donations before bringing them to the library. The library will not accept materials that are suffering from water damage, mold, excessive dust, infestations, or other damage as they can cause allergic reactions or other health problems.


We no longer accept Encyclopedias, LPs (vinyl records), VHS, or cassette tapes as donations. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

At your request, items not retained for the permanent collection can be returned to you. If no prior arrangement has been made, items not placed in the library collections will be collected by a company that evaluates for recycling or resale. Any funds received from the resale of items will benefit the Torch and Key Honorary Society’s annual scholarships for Otterbein students.


4. Questions


The Courtright Memorial Library appreciates the generosity of persons who wish to improve the library collections, either through donations of money or of gift items. To avoid any misunderstandings regarding donations, please contact the Collection Development/Acquisition Coordinator for clarification of policies and procedures.