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- Volume 9 Issue 5 -
September, 2011

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OhioLINK Adds Music Center

OhioLINK announces the launch of the OhioLINK Music Center (OMC), featuring more than 78,000 tracks and 21,000 works from the Naxos Music Library. Users can search for and listen to tracks in six genres - Chinese music, classical music, opera, jazz, spoken word and world music - with works from many well-known composers, including Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Chopin, Strauss, Copeland, and Ellington.

Access to the music files is restricted to the students, faculty and staff of OhioLINK member institutions, and off-campus access is available. Flash player is required.


Exchange Librarian to Shanghai

Betsy Salt, Cataloger/Metadata Librarian, participated in Otterbein University’s librarian exchange program with Shanghai Jiaotong University in Shanghai, China this summer.

Betsy spent three weeks at Shanghai Jiaotong University where she observed the work of the librarians and other staff members in the acquisitions and cataloging division of the library and also spent time with a number of subject specialist librarians learning about their roles and duties in the public services sector.

Betsy also helped edit the English translation of the updated student library information guide booklet that Shanghai Jiaotong University will give to  its incoming freshmen and new graduate students when the fall term begins. Betsy made two presentations while at Shanghai Jiaotong University. One was titled: “Cooperative Cataloging in Academic Libraries: From Mesopotamia to Metadata,” and the other was titled “Information Literacy Initiatives at the Otterbein University Library.” Betsy commented, ”Being an exchange librarian at Shanghai Jiaotong University was a wonderful cross-cultural experience. I learned a lot about how academic libraries work in China. It was interesting to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between library operations at Shanghai Jiaotong University and at Otterbein University.”


Create StoryWelcome New Library Staff

Courtright Memorial Library welcome two new colleagues: Rebecca Moore and Farris Sheikh. Rebecca is a 2011 Otterbein graduate with a degree in Integrated Math Education. She is originally from Berea Ohio and has a "gold" personality type. She loves schedules, labels, and post-it notes.  One random fact about Rebecca is that she once memorized the first 70 digits of Pi, and even now she still can name the first 40 digits of Pi.

Farris Sheikh is our new Graduate Assistant at Courtright Memorial Library. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Teaching and has one year left in the program. Prior to working at the library, Farris was the Assistant Men's Soccer Coach for four years at our arch rival, Capital University. Along with working at the library, Farris is participating in a one-year long service learning program in Upper Arlington Schools through AmeriCorp.


Reference Area Makeover

The reference area of the library has gotten a makeover this summer. Stop by the reference desk and see the changes. Not only is the desk in a new location, but it’s not even the same desk. These changes should make it easier to find a reference librarian to assist you. Please visit the library and see for yourself—we’ll be looking for you.

32,000th Paper Added to the ETD Center

On Thursday, June 9th the University of Toledo approved the 32,000th dissertation for publication in the OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center. The OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center is a free online database of graduate theses and dissertations and undergraduate honors theses from students at participating Ohio colleges and universities. Any OhioLINK member institution may join and submit theses and dissertations to the database.

The ETD Center currently contains more than 32,000 theses and dissertations, which are accessible to anyone worldwide. The full-text is available for 90% of the included documents. For more information about the OhioLINK ETD Center, see the FAQ.

Courtright Memorial Library is currently in the process of collaborating with campus departments and programs to provide assistance to students with submitting their thesis to the OhioLINK Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Center. For more information, please contact Jane Wu at 823-1027.

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