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May 2004
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A Note from Sweden --- From Business Librarian: Patti Rothermich

I am visiting the University of Kalmar in Sweden during the month of May, on administrative leave to study how to better serve international students, and to learn sources of business, health and demographic statistics.

So far I have visited a high school library, several public libraries and also the library at the University of Växjö. Libraries here function in some ways the same as in the U.S. We face the same budget issues, but there are differences. All of the librarians here in Kalmar are members of a union, so I'm learning about organizations and management from a very different perspective.

Design in furniture and space in the libraries is also important to Swedes. Everyone has been extremely warm and friendly. They all seem to be gardeners and love the sunshine after the long winter. May is a beautiful month and flowers and trees are blooming everywhere. Perhaps that is why ecology is a large part of the curriculum. I'm looking forward to the orchids that should blossom some time before I leave. I've met students from Bosnia, Estonia, Kosavo and Tanzania and am learning from them also.

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Over 500 some new items were added to the library collection in April. Please click here to find out what is being added to the subject fields you are interested.

Crisis in Scholarly Publishing - Special Report : “The Challenge for Ohio Higher Education; Providing Access to Scholarly Publishing”, and more news briefs about the OhioLINK program.

Library Renovation

The renovation to the library began on May 11th. Fences were set up in the overhang/porch to the Grove St. and Cochran Alley sides of the building. The main front doors are still able to be used until the end of the term, but people will need to enter through a walkway that will protect them from the construction.

The entrance from Library 107 was changed again and people using that room need to enter and exit through the side door into the library.

Due to the construction the outside bookdrop is no longer available. Please bring materials inside the library during open hours.

The parking lot by the Psychology House will be unavailable to everyone except construction personnel. The Mayne Hall parking lot (the larger lot) and the alley (up to the garage at the edge of the library) will be closed after Graduation and will remain closed all summer.

This renovation will result in the addition of three classrooms and an "Internet Café" under the overhang to the east side of the library (where the entrance to the building is located). Handicapped accessible doors will provide easy access to the building and first floor public rest rooms will be added. Campus food service will provide a similar setup in the "Internet Café" as is currently available in Roush Hall. This renovation should be completed by the beginning of the fall term in September 2004.

Architectural drawings and plans of the renovation are available just inside the entrance to the building. Stop by and see what exciting changes are coming. We apologize for the disruption this construction will cause and hope we can all be patient during this process. Any questions, please contact Lois Szudy (LSzudy@otterbein.edu).

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