• Professor Beth Daugherty
  • Trustee member Alec Wightman recognizes Otterbein’s vision and lends support in various ways
  • Virginia Longmire lights up Battelle Hall
  • Nevalyn Nevil '71 sits in the balcony in the Fritsche Theatre at Cowan Hall, at Otterbein University

Otterbein stands ready to make a difference.

Will you stand with Otterbein?

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Campaign Priorities

This historic $50 million campaign—the value, the people and purpose for which it stands—will position Otterbein to stand strong among the great institutions of our country. Learn how this campaign will ensure Otterbein graduates are prepared to stand out as leaders and learners.

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Ways to Give

Every gift impacts Otterbein’s ability to assist our students in achieving their personal best, our faculty in conceiving the smartest way to learn, our University in fostering a place to belong, and our community in modeling values that serve the common good.

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Who is Giving?

At Otterbein, every donor is important and every gift makes an impact.  For more than 160 years, our alumni and friends have enabled us to make an Otterbein education possible for generations of students. 

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Three Presidents. One Historic Conversation.

Presidential Perspective

You are invited to share in the highlights from a conversation between three Otterbein leaders for a rare presidential perspective about what Otterbein stands for and why its commitment to put students first truly matters. 

  • President Emeritus Thomas Kerr: a builder of ideas—his leadership reflected an expansion of Otterbein’s knowledge infrastructure.

  • President Emeritus C. Brent DeVore: a builder of place—his leadership reflected expansion on nearly every front of campus and a heightened call to service.

  • President Kathy A. Krendl: a pioneer in her own right—her leadership will ensure Otterbein stands strong into the 21st century.

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On Students First
The presidents of Otterbein University discuss what the institution stands for, how the faculty and students work together to accomplish a common goal of success, whilst creating a lasting impression.

Carolyn and Richard Sherrick

Otterbein's Giving Campaign

Donor Spotlight

Working Side by Side and Giving Back leads to Fulfilled Life

Otterbein was the starting point for the richly textured life that Carolyn and Richard (Dick) Sherrick have built together over the past 60-plus years, although Carolyn has to chuckle about the inauspicious way the couple first met.

“It was over a steam table at lunch,” she says, recalling that she was working on the college’s cafeteria line as Dick picked up an entrée.

Dick soon joined her on the food-service staff, and two worked side by side for the rest of their undergraduate years at Otterbein. That included Sunday afternoons when they were in charge of the cafeteria.

Juggling those jobs with their classes, Carolyn and Dick worked their way through Otterbein. Carolyn – her maiden name was Brown – earned a B.S. degree in mathematics and B.A. in history in 1953. Dick, a math major, graduated a year later.

Along the way, the Sherricks have never forgotten the valuable lessons they learned at Otterbein. To show their appreciation, they have been steadfast supporters of the University, both with their time and money. Their most recent expression of generosity for their alma mater is a $100,000 commitment to the “Where We Stand Matters” campaign, the ambitious fundraising effort that puts students first.



April 25, 2015: Legacy Leaders Discuss Value of Otterbein

Alumni from the ‘70s and ‘80s shared in an important conversation with fellow trustees to discuss what this campaign means to Otterbein’s future.

It was evident that what Otterbein stands for on the higher education landscape matters. It was also clear that these trustees credit Otterbein with preparing them to realize the leaders each were capable of becoming.

Learn more about the challenges facing higher education and the shared story of the value of the Otterbein experience. Watch this video and join in building the next generation of Otterbein leaders. 

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