Capital Projects: The Point at Otterbein University

Otterbein's STEAM Innovation Center

The Point is founded on the principles of partnership, collaboration and community. This center will bring students, educators and business and industry leaders together in one shared space that offers the opportunity for dynamic integration of academic curriculum with the business community, while also serving as a catalyst for an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Point is housed in a 60,000 square-foot warehouse that sits adjacent to the Art and Communication Building on the southwest side of campus along Collegeview Road. As the collaborative epicenter to students across many different programs of study, the center will include innovation labs and open MakerSpace, critical to the success of innovative and entrepreneurial development. The Point includes metal and machining areas, as well as rapid prototyping labs with laser cutting and 3-D printing equipment. 

Our students will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity as they work side by side with faculty and resident professionals. As accomplished and experienced problem-solvers they will stand out because they understand how innovative concepts become products and processes.

President Kathy Krendl

Where Collaboration, Innovation and Education Meet

The intentional convergence of education, industry, business and community means The Point offers a full slate of opportunities to grow and develop the leaders and technologies of the future. To bring the full potential of this one-of-a-kind facility and concept to life, we welcome the chance to explore your interest in opportunities that include, but are not limited to:

Project Support 

The power of innovation and collaboration is already meeting at The Point. Otterbein Department of Nursing experts joined up with the Department of Engineering and edgeThingZ, a start-up company, to create a set of tools — the Healthcare Education Simulation Station (HESS.) These simulated healthcare scenarios are already enhancing the training of Otterbein student nurses with other nursing programs seeking to utilize the HESS technology, too. Supporting innovations like these stand to benefit every partner involved while also making a real impact for the greater good.

Internship Support

Internships are a critical component of the growth and development of Otterbein students. Through our relationships with industry partners, The Point will provide a broad range of internship opportunities that give our students the applied experience they need. This past summer, first-year engineering students were placed with Honda, Worthington Industries, Xigent Automation Systems, Lake Shore Cryotronics, Rimrock Robotics, Nestle PTC and the STEAM Center. The value of a STEAM student in an internship is a team-based, multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving. Students are living real-world strategies that major industries utilize to foster innovation and excellence.

K - 12 Educational Opportunities

Sparking the STEAM-oriented minds of our region’s school-children is a core value for The Point. We seek to create a wide range of programming to enable youth of all ages to access the equipment and expose design thinking methodologies at an early age. We look forward to exploring ways you can STAND with us to innovate the future at The Point.

Funding Opportunities

Philanthropic gifts, combined with community partnerships and University resources, will play a key role in successfully funding this project with capital construction and equipment costs of $10.8 million.

Below is a list of funding opportunities for named spaces in The Point. Gifts to name a space can be pledged over a period of up to five (5) years.

The Point Naming Opportunity $5 million
Collaboration and Event Space (future phase) $1 million
MakerSpace $750,000
Business Accelerator Suite $500,000
Lobby and Entrance Area $300,000
Advanced Manufacturing Lab $250,000
Rapid Prototyping Lab $250,000
Coffee Shop and Cafe (future phase) $200,000
Electrical Engineering Lab $175,000
First-Year Engineering Lab $175,000
Design Studio $150,000
Metal Shop $125,000
Machine Shop $125,000
Wood Shop $125,000
Training Room $100,000
Large Lounge and Collaboration Space $100,000
Small Lounge and Collaboration Space $50,000
General Classroom $50,000
Office Space (multiple) $25,000

Additional funding priorities for named spaces in future phases will be announced soon. Some spaces subject to change.

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