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Institutional Advancement

Michael R. McGreevey Headshot Senath Rankin

Michael R. McGreevey
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
p/ 614.823.1400

Senath Rankin
Executive Assistant
p/ 614.823.1305

Lucy Cryan '86
Executive Director of Organizational Development and Events
p/ 614.823.1948



Kathleen Bonte Keith Phillips

Kathleen Bonte
Executive Director of Development
p/ 614.823.2707

Kathryn Billy
Director of Donor Relations
p/ 614.823.1952

Candace Brady
Director of Development for Planned Giving
p/ 614.823.1953

Keith Phillips
Director of Development
p/ 614.823.1964

Nick Wood

Nick Wood '10
Director of Development
p/ 614.823.1305

Advancement Services

Daniel Eddy ChristineNeubener

Tracy Rush
Executive Director Advancement Strategies, Services, & Infrastructure
p/ 614.823.1290

Matthew R. D'Oyly '04
Director of Annual Giving & Constituent Communication
p/ 614.823.1963

Daniel Eddy
Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Constituent Communication
p/ 614.823.1958

Christine Neubauer
Gift Administrator and Biographical Records Specialist
p/ 614.823.1428

Tim Walsh

Jim Shackson '61
Records Coordinator
p/ 614.823.1289

James Rollo '11
Gift Administrator and Biographical Records Specialist
p/ 614.823.1427

Tim Walsh
Advancement Technologies Developer
p/ 614.823.1630

Alumni Relations


Becky F. Smith '81
Executive Director of Alumni Relations
p/ 614.823.1650

Laurie Draper
Administrative Assistant
p/ 614.823.1650

Becky May '78
Administrative Assistant
p/ 614.823.1650

Dana Viglietta '96
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
p/ 614.823.1650

Marketing and Communications

Will Elkins

Jennifer Pearce '87
Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
p/ 614.823.1285

Gina Calcamuggio
Senior Message Strategist
p/ 614.823.1331

Will Elkins
Communication & Social Media Manager
p/ 614.823.1454

Jennifer Hill '05
Director of Marketing and Communications
p/ 614.823.1284


Vicki Miller '06
Senior Account Executive
p/ 614.823.1839

Michael Minite '12
Web Coordinator
p/ 614.823.1603

Joel Reimer
Director of Web Strategy
p/ 614.823.1466

Roger Routson
Director of Publications
p/ 614.823.1287


Marcy Shultz
Graphic Designer
p/ 614.823.1608

Ed Syguda
Senior Communication Specialist/Chief Photographer
p/ 614.823.1288

Andrea Tiballi '02
Administrative Assistant
p/ 614.823.1600


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The Division of Institutional Advancement is located in Howard House at 131 W. Park St.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

614.823.1400 or 1-888-614-2600


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Otterbein University
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