University Ambassadors

Support Otterbein to set a new record!



Each year students call alumni, parents, and friends of the University to let them know what's new on campus, to tell them about their current projects, to give an update on the state of the University, and to share all the fun things they're getting involved with on campus!

Last year, the annual fund had another record breaking year raising $921,638 and of that the University Ambassadors (the student callers) raised more than half. We could not have such record breaking years, without them.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy speaking with our engaging group of students.

*These profiles are updated once a semester, both in the fall and the spring, so if you don't see a profile of a University Ambassador, please know they will be in the next update. Thank you!

University Ambassadors

  • Mackenzie Boyer `15

  • Kennedy Daly `17

  • Katelyn Hanzel `15

  • Maria Lingle ‘15

  • Sam Oakley`16

  • Kyrah J. Philp`17

  • Brandy Stiverson '15

  • Meghan Stursa`17

  • Tyler Riley `17

  • Sophia Bonsib '17

  • Carolyn Maurer `16

  • Abbey Shoemaker '16

  • Cynnamon Sova-Davy ‘18

  • Tyler Perry ‘15

  • David Parkison ‘17

  • Essence Jones ‘18

  • Parker Ferguson ‘15

  • Daria Redus ‘18

  • Kaylee Barrett ‘18

  • Alyx Lynham ‘18

  • Adunia Tsehaie ‘18

  • Bethany Blinsky ‘17

  • Jonathan Cook ‘18

  • Jessica Slater `14

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Contact Annual Giving 
Matthew R. D'Oyly '04, Director
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